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Outsourcing means first and foremost having specific work performed by a specialist in the field. And this is what we are at Barias. Moreover, this allows you and your organisation to focus on your core business.

Outsourcing is investing in a (new) security for your business. Through outsourcing you benefit from years of relevant developments and investments on the part of the external supplier. Outsourcing also gives you the opportunity to deal competently with an unexpected emergency.

Apart from a better quality of output you can expect to enjoy a wide range of benefits. And this makes the cost structure look far more interesting.
Down-sizing can rapidly improve cost efficiency.

When a task is outsourced to a specialist, you can count on a complete and transparent overview of the actual costs of outsourcing. You know exactly what budget you have to book and you do not have to worry about overhead costs that are difficult to classify ...

Other tactical and strategic advantages:

  • No more worrying about temps or casual workers
  • benefit from scale effects
  • have a capacity solution that is always available
  • create a buffer against fluctuations in production
  • save in labour costs, training and complex management
  • increase the innovativeness of your business
  • easily keep abreast with the latest technologies and techniques

Why Barias?

Frozen and refrigerated food packaging, repackaging and storage requires high standards and customized solutions. With the right infrastructure, control techniques and trained personnel, we provide an answer to your every need. Our state-of-the-art buildings, machinery and our personal commitment guarantee a service that is perfectly geared to your business.

You can be sure of perfect temperature control and need not fear contamination. We execute everything in certified high-end environments. Barias fully complies with the stringent requirements of the BRC Global Standard label and is granted a high-level score in this area by the BRC. We also work under strict HACCP procedures. However the ambitions of our company go further than this; we consciously opt for a course that is sustainable and environmentally sound. In 2006 Barias signed the sustainability charter of the province of West Flanders: proof that we are an environmentally and people friendly business.

In Barias you will find a worthy, innovative partner who provides professional services. Both for an urgent solution and a structural partnership: all it takes is one phone call to start a fully sophisticated process.

Barias can quickly start and execute your order

Even in unexpected situations, Barias guarantees the ultimate quick response. Do you have a question concerning an urgent job? Please do not hesitate to contact us ...

In this context, we also offer a service guarantee: we can be reached 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Barias opstarten en afwerken
Barias verpakken

Barias offers you a wide range of options in terms of packaging:

Our specialisation in packaging, repackaging and packaging techniques can do more for you. We combine manual care of well- trained staff with the speed of mechanical processing.

Barias provides optimum quality control:

  • BRC high level: we consciously opt for constantly and closely monitoring Quality, Enterprise Infrastructure, Product Control, Process Control and Staff
  • HACCP: we maintain a transparent risk inventory according to European standards
  • all EU authorizations: private KF-, B and VE numbers
  • Our CSR vision and sustainability policy results in top quality products and services
Barias kwaliteitsbeheersing
Barias procesbeheersing

Through barias you have perfect process control:

as part of a rapid and comprehensive administrative management follow- up, with Barias you can count on good traceability, regulatory documentation and personal follow-up of your order.

Barias stands for full transparency and clarity.

We take our responsibility seriously. So you can be assured that everything goes as agreed and that you will benefit from a prompt and correct service.

Barias procesopvolging

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