Packaging and repackaging

Barias specializes in manual and difficult to automate packaging orders of refrigerated and frozen food products. We combine mechanical processing with manual care.

What do we do?

  •   packaging and repackaging
  •   non-contact printing with inkjet: Codes,
    batch numbers, expiry dates and texts
  •   repackaging (bulk to consumer packaging
    and vice versa)
  •   labelling and labels: bar codes, weights, ...
  •   providing promotional campaign packages:
    2+1 free promo weights, ...
  •   recompiling assortments:
    trial orders, mix boxes
  •   adding gadgets to existing packaging
  •   weighing, counting and filling

Types of packaging

flowpack - shrink wrap film - Vacuum – click and lock boxes - boxes - test orders and
promotional packaging - bags (with indexing) – sleeve packaging

Ample storage options

You can quickly place or collect stock in our freezer and refrigerated warehouse. Irrespective of whether you're looking for a solution to short-term or permanent partnership or whether you are a large or small business.

What do we do?

  •   frozen storage: -18°C tot -25°C
  •   cold storage: 0°C tot 8°C of 15°C
  •   fast loading and unloading
  •   container handling: loading
    and unloading of shipping containers
  •   computerised inventory (EAN 128)
  •   palletizing and restacking and wrapping in foil
  •   handling, cross docking
  •   stock management based on the customer requirements

Logistical and administrative support

What do we do?

  •   transport organisation: Barias can collect or
    deliver your goods from and to wherever necessary.
  •   quality: entry and exit control
  •   returns processing
  •   container handling: loading and unloading of
    shipping containers
  •   palletising, restacking and wrapping in foil
  •   management of customs formalities
  •   follow-up of customs procedures
  •   support with regard to FASFC analyses and inspections

Barias can supervise and execute the entire process for you.

From printed material (foil, cardboard and labels) to packaging and transport organisation to administrative support. You arrange everything via one personal contact person, with service guarantees. This means you finally receive just one invoice.